Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know you're recruiting?

Available positions are advertised on our website, and Twitter. Sometimes we advertise on MyCareer and Seek.

Can I send you my folio and CV even if you have no positions available?

Sorry, but no. We receive many, many applications each week and it's impossible for us to keep everyone on file. Please send us your application when you see a position advertised.

Can I send you some samples of my work to get some feedback?

We receive too many enquiries to guarantee a response. Try signing up to some online forums and groups to get feedback from others in the industry and see how your work measures up.

Do you take applications from people based overseas or interstate?

Not normally. We do not relocate applicants, and all candidates need to be Australian residents or hold a relevant working visa. If you're not living locally but have plans to return to Melbourne, then by all means send in your application.

I applied for a position and got rejected. Can you tell me why?

The answer is usually that there were candidates with more experience, not that you did anything 'wrong'. If you'd like a detailed answer feel free to ask, but we cannot always respond to everyone.

I'm a freelancer. Can I send you my details?

We have an enormous database of freelancers and outsourcers and while we are happy to keep your details on file, we outsource work infrequently.

Can I do work experience or an internship?

Due to our non-disclosure obligations, we cannot take on students and interns.

Can I take a tour of your studio?

We accept tour groups from schools, TAFEs and universities for educational purposes, but we don't conduct private tours.

Can I send you some questions about how to get into the industry?

You can try, and we will do our best to give you some tips. However we can't always find the time to respond to every enquiry we receive.

I'm a student doing an assignment on the games industry. Can I interview someone?

You can email us questions and we will try and respond within a week.

I want to do a games-related course but I don't know what to pick. Can you give me any advice?

It depends on the field in which you plan to specialise. Do you want to be a programmer? A designer? An artist? A producer? An animator? Once you know that, you can narrow your search. Most game-related courses, regardless of which institution you pick, will give you a good grounding in relevant software packages and techniques as well as an understanding of the game development process in general. Do your research and settle on a course which is right for you, and remember that very few graduates walk out of their course and into a job with a commercial studio.
When we recruit, we care more about your folio than where you studied or your academic transcript. Unless you're applying for a testing or production position, don't even think of applying without samples of your work. Read the position advertisement and selection criteria, and try to include relevant information.

What software packages do you use?

Artists and animators need to be proficient in Maya. Skills in Photoshop, 3DS Max, Premiere, Lightwave and Softimage are highly regarded. We code in C and C++ using Microsoft Visual Studio or CodeWarrior depending on the target platform. For level creation tools we like to see skills in Unreal Ed/UDK, Unity or GTK Radiant.

Do you hire concept artists?

No! We look for art applicants who show skills in a broad range of applications, including low poly 3D environmental modeling, 2D animation, texture creation for environments and characters, lighting, and creativity.

I'm modding a game/making my own game game/marking a project and I have some questions. Can I call you and have one of your programmers/artists/designers/audio engineers talk me through it?

Torus does not run a consultancy service and we will not pass enquiries onto our staff. You can check out forums on sites such as, and

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