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The Lion King : Simba`s Mighty Adventure


Bet you just can't wait to be King!

As the young lion prince Simba, you'll have to outrun a wildebeest stampede, escape a wildfire and more! There's never a dull moment when you're the King of the Beasts!
  • Help young and adult Simba survive the dangers of the Pride Lands, Elephant Graveyard and jungle.
  • Avoid obstacles and take on power-hungry enemies, like Scar, in 10 action-packed levels!
  • Enjoy bonus mini-games with Timon and Pumbaa, plus a two-player tag game via Game Linkā„¢ cable. (8.0/10)
    "The game is a nicely put together platformer -- smooth animation and fast action, with lots of variety thanks to the minigames and changing level perspective." 92%
    "The graphics in Simba's Mighty Adventure are amazing considering they are on the Game Boy." "The Lion King Simba's Mighty Adventure is a polished, playable Game Boy Color title."

    GBStation (7.5/10)
    "Then there was a dark period (especially on the Game Boy) when Disney games became synonymous with poor design and lousy gameplay. But happy days are here again."

    RYUGB (9/10)
    "This game is really fun. I recommend this one whole-heartedly as one of the finest GB platforming games."

    GamesWire (3/5)
    "...the animation of the characters is good and the graphics are bright and easy to see." 
  • Rating:E
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