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Spider-Man2 : The Sinister Six


Evil has a plan... do whatever a spider can!

When Aunt May is kidnapped by Doc Ock and his band of super villains, you're off to the rescue! But this kidnapping is just a ploy to lure you into battle and end your days as a super hero. Can you survive their evil trap?
  • All new attacks: Spin kicks and immobilizing webbing is just what the spider ordered.
  • All your favourite villains: Mysterio, Doc Ock and others make New York a swinging nightmare.
  • All New Power-Ups: Use the Spidey Armour to bash enemies and bring Aunt May home.

    IGN 9.0/10
    "Spidey looks great. It's amazing to me that they could get him to look so great on such a small screen, but then again, I am always mystified when these e-smiths weave their computer magic."

    SPOnG 100%
    "Spider-Man 2: Sinister Six is easily one of the best action platformers on the Game Boy Color. If you haven't checked it out yet, do so straight away."

    GamesWire 4/5
    "The developers have put a lot of effort into getting the animation of the characters right and Spiderman's movement – from walking and web-flinging to punches and kicks – looks fab"

    Gaming Target 8.5
    "The Sinister Six presents something that won't take away from its gameplay, but leaves gamers satisfied in whole." 
  • Rating:E
     Mild Violence
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