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Gumby vs The Astrobots


Join Gumby® and pals on a thrilling handheld adventure!

Those sneaky Blockheads™ have done it again! This time, they've commanded the Astrobots™ to capture all of Gumby's pals and imprison them in books scattered across Toyland. Join the heroic Gumby as he embarks on a perilous journey to rescue his friends.

Search the books and the magical worlds they contain, avoiding obstacles and booby traps left in Gumby's path by the scheming Blockheads.
  • Meet a huge cast of bendable, endlessly transformable clay characters from the Gumby TV show, including the beloved Pokey™, Prickle™ and Goo™.
  • Use Gumby's unique ability to morph, stretch and twist to foil the Blockheads' plans and return your friends to Toyland.
  • Leap from book to book, exploring the vast worlds hidden within. Traverse the classic Old West or the icy North Pole, even the mysterious Planet Astrobot!
  • Captivating cartoon visuals and music make for a memorable handheld adventure.


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  • Rating:E
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