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The Invincible Iron Man


It's not just a suit -- it's a weapon

You are Anthony Stark, inventor and businessman. After a near-fatal injury due to an act of industrial sabotage, you designed a life sustaining shell made of high tech armor-a suit that allows you to become the Invincible Iron Man. However, now the suit has fallen into the hands of evil. Wearing an alternate suit, you must battle Blizzard, Crimson Dynamo and other malicious foes in an attempt to retrieve what is rightfully yours. With diverse environments, multiple power-ups and unlockable bonuses, Marvel's The Invincible Iron Man is the ultimate experience for fans of Marvel Comics' Golden Avenger.

Can you recover your stolen battlesuit before it's too late?
  • Tangle with foes across 4 spectacular locations including the docks, deep Dark forest, alpine snow and the industrial research tower.
  • Use repulsor beams, boot jets Uni beams and flying shoulder charges to reclaim your suit and take down your enemies.


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  • Rating:E
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