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Space Invaders


Torus Games presents the all-time classic shooter on the Game Boy® Advance.

While tears of nostalgia flow down your cheeks you'll be fighting 13 species of alien, facing off against 10 huge and diabolical bosses all through 100 action packed levels. Don't want to be alone? Then get a friend to join you, use the Game Link ® Cable and you can fight together! To top it all off, the kindly folk at Torus Games have also included the original for all you shoot 'n' dodge buffs from yesteryear! Space Invaders Advance - pure gaming pleasure! .
  • Battle Alien Invaders Once More!
  • Still In Orderly Straight Lines!
  • Now With Boss Battles and Multi Player Link Action!
  • Fight Through 100 Action Packed Levels

    Email (8.1/10)
    " Torus Games' reproduction on the Game Boy Advance is one of the coolest classic arcade updates ever created. It builds upon the established gameplay and doesn't muck up the original's fun...and it's more appreciated on the GBA because of its pick-up-and-play-and-save design. It's pure, simple fun that's perfect for the handheld market."
  • Rating:E
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