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Duke Nukem Advance


Alien scientists have taken control of the top-secret Area 51 military base, and are plotting to overthrow Earth! But not if Duke can stop them. Armed with alien-busting weapons, his kick-butt attitude, and using the alien's own transporters, Duke takes the battle to four unique locations around the world. Oh, and rescues a few babes along the way. Hail to the king, baby!
  • Features 9 unique weapons from Duke's extensive alien busting arsenal
  • Blast through 19 levels over exotic locations ranging from Australia to Egypt
  • All new Duke story created exclusively for the Game Boy Advance
  • Link up to 4 players to play at once!

  • Requires additional Duke Nukem Advance Game Paks (one per player) and Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable, sold separately.

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    Available Now from Gotham Games for Game Boy® Advance Worldwide. (9.0/10)
    "The game is fast, furious, and fun as hell..."

    Gaming Target (8.9/10)
    "It presents a clear example to developers and anxious gamers that with a little more time and effort, Torus was able to take the throne with the killing king, baby!!"

    Nintendophiles (9.0/10)
    " better hail to the king because it is the best FPS game out in the market today."

    Invisible Dream (95%)
    "I thoroughly love Duke Nukem Advance, and I just can't seem to put the game down..."

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