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Doom 2


IGN 2nd Place
"Best Hand Held Shooter" 2002.

Using Torus Games' own revolutionary game engine and encompassing all of the original levels, weapons and enemies from the PC classic, Doom II for the GBA offers groundbreaking first person shooter (FPS) action on a handheld platform.

The sequel to the most influential action-shooter of all time comes to the GameBoy ® Advance (GBA).

Battle Hell's minions to save humanity from certain destruction. Having just returned from liberating the Mars colonies from the clawed clutches of evil in Doom I you must do it all again! No R 'n' R for you marine! Fight your way through some of the most powerful alien invaders to ever walk the Earth, go head to head with friends via Game Link ® Cable connection or fight for survival together in co-operative mode.
  • 17 varieties of cyber-organic mongrels, undead Marines and other nasties meet you at every turn.
  • Greet ‘em with your choice of 9 carcass-crushing weapons that'll turn this scare-fest into a rabid bloodbath.
  • Navigate through the onslaught of nightmarish mazes, discovering secret doors housing ammo, bonuses and other combat aids.
  • Fight the mongrel scum side by side with a friend, laying waste to the unholy, strewing claws and other body parts where they fall. Or link 2-4 players together and battle each other in the ultimate deathmatch where it's every Marine for himself.


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