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Minority Report


Based on Steven Spielberg's futuristic thriller, Minority Report is the only game that lets you relive the movie experience, immersing you in Sci-Fi adventure, combining hand-to-hand combat and futuristic weapons and gadgets straight out of the movie.

Set in the near future 2054, you are Pre-Crime officer John Anderton - head of an elite police squad able to predict and apprehend murderers before their crime can be committed. When you're accused of pre-murder and become wanted by the same police force you've dedicated your life to, you must find a way to clear your name and stop a millitary conspiracy from taking over the world.
  • Ten huge futuristic levels
  • Stealth, strategy and puzzle-solving skills needed to conquer the game
  • Battle human and robot enemies
  • Five evil bosses, each more difficult than the next
  • Choose between 6 different weapons, each with their own specific skill, meleĆ© attacks or grenades


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