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Jackie Chan Adventures: Legend of the Dark Hand


Jackie Chan has been approved by Nintendo on its first pass! Jackie Chan Adventures: Legend of the Darkhand is based on the popular Warner Bros cartoon station series Jackie Chan Adventures, featuring our hero as a world travelling archeologist. On the Game Boy Advance translation, Jackie is hired by the secret government agency, Section 13, to help find ancient kung fu scrolls lost around the world. The challenge is to retrieve the scrolls before the evil organisation, the Darkhand, collects them to train their army of Shadowkhan.

Locations span areas such as San Francisco, a Mayan Temple, The Great Wall of China and even on top of a speeding train! As Jackie collects the scrolls, he is awarded special moves that aid him to defeat his enemies. Jackie's well-known resourcefulness aids him as he manages to fight using fish, brooms, chairs and boxes. All the familiar characters from the show are included, such as Shendu, Valmont, Finn, Chow, Ratso and Hak Foo.

The game features a scoring system not unlike Tony Hawk. Pull off a variety of moves for huge points and try different unique combinations. Save your game and high scores per level. Try your skills on three levels of difficulty and test your talent by tackling the elemental bosses.

Gamespot (8.3/10)
"This isn't your typical TV license rehash. Huge 3D stages allow total freedom of movement, which includes rooftops, ladders, dumpsters, and awnings--as well as a potpourri of objects to smash, grab, or otherwise interact with. Developer Torus Games didn't miss a beat in taking advantage of the GBA's horsepower either, as bosses grow larger and larger the further you progress--all with zero choppiness."

GBA Central (8/10)
"If only Final Fight used this game engine to create a new version, it would have been much better... I can say that this game is the best licensed GBA game for 2001."
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