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Classified: The Sentinel Crisis


You are a Black Ops soldier recruited by the US military's experimental Sentinel program. The ‘intelligent' Sentinel combat suit and the multifunction OIWC assault rifle, a weapon of unparalleled versatility and power, are your only tools.

The military scientist responsible for the Sentinel Technology is missing somewhere in the Balkans.

You must join forces with the ‘Rebels' to expose the enemy and locate your quarry before the Sentinel Technology falls into the wrong hands.
Contains massive outdoor and urban environments conveying large scaled battles going on around the player.

Advanced AI reacts to your every move - take cover in the debris of the bombed out terrain or suffer the consequences.
Your OIWC weapon can be customized and enhanced to mimic abilities of 6 other weapons including a sniper rifle and shotgun.

 Titles rated 'Teen (T)' have content suitable for persons ages 13 and older. Titles in this category may contain violent conte
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