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Le Mans 24 Hours


The award winning PlayStation©2 and Dreamcast™ title is now available on the PC. Incredibly fast, amazingly lifelike and expertly tuned. Experience racing perfection.
  • Race over 70 incredibly detailed, licensed cars from the official Le Mans competition.

  • Feel the thrill of driving 200 mph – thanks to the power of award-winning, real-world physics.

  • Blast through 12 stunningly beautiful real-world tracks.

  • Indulge in 24 hours of intense action with unique Day-to-Night-to-Day racing: encounter real-time weather and surface effects for ultimate realism!

  • Immerse yourself in fully developed environments, including animated drivers and pit crews, advanced AI, new car settings and real-time lighting.

  • Compete in 5 challenging modes.


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  • Rating:E
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