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Carmageddon TDR2000


TDR 2000 is the next title in the multiple award winning Carmageddon™ series. Developed with TORUS' proprietary 3D engine, TDR 2000 is packed with the latest game technology. TDR 2000 features a totally revamped physics engine and the combination of these two key elements allows us to yield a performance better than the previous games on the same PC.

With these advancements in technology, it allows us space to make huge gameplay improvements to TDR 2000. A fully immersive environment featuring a slew of aggresive drivers imparting their madness on a world of panicking pedestrians and vehicles. You can participate both in single player or across the internet with your friends. When you have a spare moment, you can concentrate on the missions at hand, or attempt to hold your own in the deathmatch arenas.
Technical Enhancements

  • At least double the frame rate of Carmageddon II on the same PC, offering around 30 frames per second as an average.

  • Multiple resolutions from 320x200 to an amazing 2048x1768 at 16, 24 & 32 bit colour depth.

  • Advanced Force feedback.

  • Environmental and procedural bump mapping.

  • 3D audio – judge the approach of vehicles depending whether they are coming at you from left, right, behind or in front.

  • Volumetric Particle System for realistic smoke, oil and much more.

    Other Features

  • Three distinct gaming modes:
    - The "free play" mode consists of a massive 24 races across 9 different environments
    "Campaign" mode consists of 24 races across 9 different environments and 25 challenging and skill building individual missions
    "Multiplayer" action features in 9 different Death-Match arenas

  • Advanced AI in TDR 2000 ensures ultimate game challenge in single or multiplayer mode.

  • Animated props such as working cranes, lifts and bridges produce a totally immersive gaming environment.

  • For the first time, customise your car.

  • In-game characters now interact with their environment e.g. crossing roads, chilling out or even coming at you!

  • Set traps and use cunning stunts to take-out your opponents.

  • Optional manual or automatic drive for advanced mayhem.

  • Intelligent drone vehicles that follow the rules of the road will have to be avoided… what the hell – wipe them out!

  • Watch out for the cops… they're back and it's payback time.

    "TDR 2000 establishes the yardstick from which other racing games will be judged in the 21st century."

    Action Trip (8.9/10)
    "Improved AI and graphics compared to the first two parts, nice intro movie, missions..."

    GameBlitz 95%
    "It's easily the best title in the series with cornea-burning visuals and fast-paced gameplay" 
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