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Touring Cars


Are you ready to race?
· Full screen motion video as an integral part of the gameplay.
· Different races include quick race, practice and tournament round.
· Battle your way through the ranks and utilise your prize money to customise your dream machine.
· Choose three different levels of expertise from amateur to champion driver. As a champion driver your race results are determined by the quality of your support team, e.g. best components and pit crew.
· Realistic car handling including spinouts and backfiring.
· Professional level where all factors affecting the performance of vehicles are taken into account, e.g. tyre and brake wear, steering, engine, suspension and other variables.
· Team management aspect to the game were you choose your own teams and cars or you can have pre-selected teams.
· Includes Holden and Ford racing team cars or customise your car to your specification.
· Includes pitstops with full motion video.
· Race details on screen include tyre and brake wear, speed, race position and more.
· Test your skills on the legendary Bathurst track.
· Conceived, programmed and fully made in Australia.

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