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NBA Jam 99


Arcade basketball action comes to the Game Boy Color in NBA JAM '99. Enjoy a two-on-two basketball game with no rules using your favorite NBA players. Use the Practice mode to work on your moves, and when you're ready to compete, take on a Quick Play game or become the champion after playing through the grueling NBA Season. If the hassles of the season become too much, just skip to the Playoffs. No matter how you play, all of the classic NBA JAM gameplay remains intact. Players can make five-point baskets by shooting from Hotspots, or receive a temporary stats-boost by collecting the power-ups that occasionally appear on the court. If you are looking for a different kind of basketball game, try NBA JAM '99.
• Two-on-two basketball
• No rules
• Features NBA players and teams
• Work on moves in Practice mode
• Classic NBA JAM gameplay

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