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Duke Nukem


If you're green and have more than five fingers on each hand, watch out.

Duke is back.

Catapulted to superstar status by his continued dedication to killing aliens, Duke Nukem had planned to kickback and bask in his own glory.

Chat shows, action figures, movie deals, and an unauthorised biography entitled "Duke Nukem: Working for a better tomorrow" were trappings of success he was determined to put down his phaser to enjoy.

An alien race called the Zorgonites, however, have a different idea. On a mission to take over the universe, the Zorgonites are collecting the best brains in the cosmos to power their sophisticated war machine.

Duke's is on the top of their list. Abducted and taken aboard a Zorgonite vessel, Duke has to find a way of stopping the Zorgonites from realising their fiendish objectives, find a way back to Earth, and keep his brain intact! (9.0/10)
"As side scrolling platformers go on the Game Boy Color, this is definitely one of the best. The animation of Duke is really slick, there's plenty of variety between levels, and the levels...well, they're huge."

GBStation (8/10)
"Duke Nukem offers a mostly brawn and some brains approach to shooting up the bad guys. The incredible arsenal and unique graphics contribute to the title's strength."

Total Games 90%
"... the crisp graphics, responsive controls and addictive gameplay make this a game that every platform fan with a Game Boy must own"
 Animated Blood
Animated Violence
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