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Stunt Flyer: Hero of the Skies


Stunt Flyer: Hero of the Skies is the European and Australian release of Torus' Kid Adventures: Sky Captain title, published in the US by D3P.

Play as either Jimmy or Sophie and explore the island of Gloster. Earn achievement ribbons to unlock new plane skins and complete missions to unlock new planes - including a tri-plane, gyrocopter and jet! Progress to new islands, race against your rival, catch falling stars and try to unlock the final secret plane.

Manoeuvre your plane with a horizontally-held Wii remote, with options to boost, brake, or even to perform upside-down flying and barrel rolls! Turn on ‘advanced flying' mode for increased sensitivity.

When a second player joins the game, even more options are available! Play missions cooperatively, or challenge each other with unique mini-games such as dog fighting and cat-and-mouse.

Stunt Flyer: Hero of the Skies was released in October 2011.

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