December 2014

The Year That Was

We're about two weeks away from the end of the year, and it's time to reflect back on the progress made this year. As we always say, each year is always different in the games industry and it keeps us fresh and on our feet for the next challenge. This year brought us a few firsts, some first-in-a-whiles and a couple of almost-firsts. We've grown our team, grown our network and we're looking to keep expanding both in 2015. We celebrated our 20 years of business, completed 6 titles and signed up for more in 2015. Excitedly, we're making good progress each day on original titles, and 2015 is the year that we really take those to the world.

This year we began new projects with two new customers, and one existing customer. Our friends from Little Orbit (released games like Barbie Dreamhouse Party and Monster High: 13 Wishes in 2013) partnered with us to release new titles in 2014. These included Falling Skies: Planetary Warfare for iOS, Android, Kindle & Facebook, Falling Skies: The Video Game for 360, PS3, WiiU & PC, Penguins of Madagascar on 3DS, Wii & WiiU and the widely successful How to Train Your Dragon 2 on 3DS, Wii, WiiU, 360 & PS3. It was a great year with two TNT licensed titles and two from DreamWorks Animation. We also partnered with a publisher in the UK for games in 2015, and we recently worked with a US publisher on creating a new educational brand for kids. It's currently #1 in 30 countries around the world (Kids category, Education category), which is a great way to end the year on a high.

Internally we've been building our new game brands and titles. Early in 2015 we'll be sharing images and snippets of the game before we send it out for launch. We're excited by the titles and have been playing them internally to polish them up. We've had the support of Screen Australia to push along production to date; it will be great to launch them and receive feedback from the public about the game. We had some experience earlier this year with a live game in Falling Skies: Planetary Warfare. We built and supported the game through its release, and we learned a lot about server-side development, multi-platform development and the nuances of digital titles.

We also completed a project this year in partnership with Grey Innovation and Monash University. Titled TALI, we developed the game components that were designed to improve attention training in developmentally disabled children. Clinical trials have been run this year with positive results. Watch this space in 2015 for updates and information on Project Tali.

This year has seen us tactically using our squad to shoot aliens, competing head to head in live battles for states of the US, sliding on our bellies to avoid octopi, soaring our way around the island of Berk (while blasting everything with fireballs), watching clinical trials to improve attention, helping sleepwalking aliens back to their beds and zooming through space in our uniquely designed rockets. On top of that, we've been spinning, matching and sliding in our original titles, and 2015 looks like it'll be another full year ahead.

Special thanks to everyone who has downloaded, purchased and enjoyed our games this year. Special thanks also to anyone who has been part of Team Torus in 2014, and our friends and families for your support.

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