Torus In Development

On our front page in the left hand corner you'll find a new link to our titles that are in development.

As a developer, we are always bound to our non-disclosure agreements with the publisher, stating that we cannot discuss the project outside of our creative walls.

The projects that appear in this list are the ones we have been given clearance to publicly announce. The others, for the time being, must remain unlisted.

See a full list of our games by clicking right here.
Torus Games is a highly skilled and talented computer game development studio. We are positioned in the heart of the industry, developing products on all consumer platforms for the world's largest publishers. Torus' strengths include state-of-the-art cross-platform technology, commitment to quality and a veteran development team. Torus has delivered over 80 titles and over 140 SKUs for many happy customers.Follow TorusGames on Twitter
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